Hack & Crack Case Competition 2018: Copenhagen Capacity China Marketing Channel Strategy to attract talent in China

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the case competition has been postponed due to unfortunate circumstances. the new submission deadline is 11th february, 2019. More info will follow. 
Hack & Crack Case Competition 2018:
Copenhagen Capacity China Marketing Channel Strategy to attract talent in China


This case competition is the 5thin a series of case competitions hosted by the Alumni Association for China Studies at University of Copenhagen (KUAK). The case competition seeks to give members of KUAK and people engaged in China Studies an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge about China on a real-life case.

Showcase your case solution skills, and win a travel grant of DKK 5000!

Copenhagen Capacity would like to receive as tangible and structured recommendations as possible for a new channel strategy which they will transform into to actual actions in the following year.

The best case solution will receive a travel grant of DKK 5000 which can be shared if you are more people in the group.

The board of KUAK will select the 3-5 best solutions and send to Copenhagen Capacity, who will invite the person/group with the best solution in to present the case.

Crack the Case! → KUAK_Copenhagen-Capacity_China-Case-Study_november2018

The partner: Copenhagen Capacity

One of Copenhagen Capacity’s core areas is attracting foreign highly skilled professionals to industries in Greater Copenhagen from all over the world, and the company is currently looking at China as a new and attractive market to search for talents in.

IT/Tech skilled professionals are especially in high demand in Greater Copenhagen. This is due to their knowledge in programming, machine learning, AI, fintech and other specialized areas. The industry is having a hard time finding these specialized talents in Denmark, and Copenhagen Capacity is helping by spreading the message via digital campaigns internationally in specific markets and collecting data on relevant foreign-based jobseekers that can apply for the current open positions.

The company has identified a market potential in China as there is a booming IT/Tech talent pool that would be intriguing to test if they were interested in getting a job and moving to Denmark. Recently the company went to Beijing as a part of Beijing Design Week 2018 (Copenhagen was the official guest city) to host a couple of talent attraction events specifically within the Gaming-industry – an industry, seen as an interesting branch for techies, and a good branding platform for the rest of the industry.

Recently Copenhagen Capacity made a Chinese webpage http://www.copcap.cn/bjdw18-tech/ where interested job seekers can sign up to gain insight into job opportunities within the gaming and IT/Tech industry. This site needs to circulate within the right communities and on the relevant online platforms, preferably by organic reach, as there is a tight advertising budget of 20.000 DKK. As a part of the recent tech campaign we have developed a small gamification gimmick (not on a Chinese server) where people can test themselves in different coding language and challenge their friends. This is a site which is built to go viral through organic sharing. It’s called www.codenhagen.io.

Agenda – Important Dates

30thNovember 2018 Case is Released
4thDecember 2018 – Copenhagen time Webinar (Optional)

Copenhagen Capacity will host online webinar 4:00 PM -4.30PM to introduce the case. You can still attend the case competition even if you are unable to attend the webinar.

If you want to attend the webinar, please sign up with Email subject line Hack & Crack Case tocopcap.talent@copcap.com no later than 4th December 2:00 PM – Copenhagen time.

10thDecember 2018, 9:00 AM – Copenhagen time Deadline for Submission of Case Solutions.

Time: 10th December 2018. No later than 9:00 AM – Copenhagen time.

Email the case solution in PDF-file with email subject line: Hack & Crack Case.

Send it to: copcap.talent@copcap.com and cc admin@kuak.dk

10th -14thDecember 2018 The Board of KUAK will select the 3-5 best solutions and send to Copenhagen Capacity, who will invite the group with the best solution in to present the case.
14thDecember 2018, 12 noon – Copenhagen time Finalists Announced 12 noon on our website: www.kuak.dk

The finalists will be contacted by Copenhagen Capacity.

17thDecember 2018 Finalists Presentations from 17-19 PM at Copenhagen Capacity’s head office. 
7th January 2019 Winners will be announced online at KUAKs website / Copenhagen Capacity’s LinkedIn

Criteria and guidelines for attending

      • You are a student or alumni who has been enrolled in a recognized University Program in Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, Norway or Finland.
      • You can attend as a team of 1-3 people with a team name and a team captain.
      • Attend the competition by sending your case solution by the deadline of 10thDecember 9:00 AM.
      • CV (Optional). By sending your CV, you acknowledge that it can be shared with our partners.

Case challenge definition and rules

In a case competition the participating teams strive to develop the best solution to a real-world issue presented by a business or organization.

  • Each team presents their solution both in writing and as a short oral pitch to the jury, the Board of KUAK and Copenhagen Capacity.

The written part of the case solution:

  • The case solution should be 1-3 standard pages, which is 2400 keystrokes per standard page.

The oral pitch to the jury:

  • 4-5 Power Point slides for the presentation. The pitch must be maximum 10 minutes
  • At least one of the participants should be present at the presentation the 17th of December. Note: Transportation cost is not covered for the event. However, we can arrange for a special online presentation if the team members cannot attend physically on the 17th of December.
  • The user rights for the solutions generated in the case competition belong to Copenhagen Capacity.

Crack the Case! → KUAK_Copenhagen-Capacity_China-Case-Study_november2018